My name is Tiziano Bettio, I live close to Zurich, Switzerland. I started my work life as a software developer but quickly figured out, that developing software and technology in general are a hobby, that for me got sort of ruined, by doing it as a job. Through a series of coincidences I started to work in the field of import and logistics around fresh produce, where I still work today and though I completely changed my field of work, I still retained parts of what I learned in school. 

After my day job, I spend my time either around technology (as partially evident on this site) or outside where I enjoy running, long walks and playing with our dog, Pluto (the one that is trying to eat my beard, up there in the photo), who is a part of our little family since the summer of 2016.

TL;DR; Working with veggies and fruits by day and juggling code or play around outside in my free time

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